Tokyo Ginza Kimono Rental and Dress-up KIMONOKOUEI

Kimono Rental Service at KIMONOKOUEI

Kimono Rental Service at KIMONOKOUEI

KIMONOKOUEI is a kimono rental shop in Ginza Tokyo.
From high-class kimono for formal parties and ceremonies to casual kimono for sightseeing, there is various types of kimono for rental. All the things needed to dress up in a kimono are included in the rental plan, nothing to be prepared.

Our kimono are also used in media such as Japanese TV programs and model shooting.
Our kimono specialist is pleased to give you professional advice on kimono. Please feel free to contact us. We strive to provide comprehensive services for you to make nice memories in Japan.

Ginza stroll in a kimono' plan

Enjoy Ginza in a kimono!

Ginza stroll in a kimono' plan

Kimono rental
Two-day and one-night plan

WOMEN ¥22,000 per person
MEN ¥33,000 per person

'Ginza stroll in a kimono' plan provides kimono rental and dress-up services for you to wear kimono to stroll around in Ginza. Ginza is one of the leading shopping districts in Japan where you find an array of brand shops and famous department stores. Besides, there are many famous spots such as Kabuki-za, high end Japanese restaurants and rooftop garden.

  • ・ Kimono for rental is made of polyester fabric with a fine pattern (casual kimono)
  • ・ All listed prices are including tax.

How to enjoy our recommended
Ginza stroll in a kimono plan?

A tour of Ginza's power spots

A tour of Ginza's power spots

Let 's take a tour of Ginza's power spots to have more good luck! There are numerous unknown power spots in Ginza.

The picture shows the Asahi Inari Shrine located on the rooftop of building in Ginza. This is one of the Ginza Hatcho Jinja Shrines, visiting shrines to pray to the Seven Lucky Gods, wish for prosperity in business, marriage tie and household safety.

Ginza stroll in a kimono' plan

Kimono rental for formal occasions

There are various types of kimono to wear on formal occasions, such as a wedding party or a ceremony. Kimono which are made of silk and decorated with luxurious embroidery is suitable for formal wear. We will choose the best type of kimono for you according to your needs and occasions.

  • ・Furisode: ¥66,000 ~
  • ・Houmongi: ¥33,000 ~
  • ・Tomesode: ¥66,000 ~
  • ・Hakama: ¥55,000
Kimono rental for formal occasions

Access & Map

A 5-minute walk from JR Shinbashi Station, a 6-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station, a 11-minute walk from JR Yurakucho Station If you need further assistance, please call us (Tel: 03-5568-1888).



Address 8F 8-4-23 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Tel 03-5568-1888
Business hours Weekday: 12:00-19:00 (Any time is available in case of reservation)
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays: Unspecified-17:00 (Reservation only)